Massive (Healthy) Weight Loss in 15 Minutes Per Week With Ray Kelly

TYPE: Seminar

COST: Free


Ray Kelly provided a 10 week lifestyle change program at the iconic Arnotts Biscuit Factory. Find out how he took 53 of their most unhealthy employees (average starting weight 95kg, suffering high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes) and with just 15 minutes face-to-face contact per week, had them lose a total of 653kg! That’s an average of 12kg with nothing more than 15 minutes of chatting each week for 10 weeks. This is a scientifically supported format that you can use too!

Find out how to:

– Ensure your clients lose weight every week without fail

– Motivate your clients when you aren’t with them

– How to set realistic expectations whilst still setting the bar high

– Guidelines for working with high risk clients


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