Up Close & Personal With Kai Greene

Have you got a question that you’ve always wanted answered by Kai Greene? Here’s Your Chance!

In partnership with Nutrition Systems, the Fitness Show are proud to present you with a super exclusive opportunity to be up, close and personal with one of the world’s most loved and respected bodybuilders, Kai Greene. Kai will host a seminar on Saturday and a seminar on Sunday at the Fitness Show.

Hosted in a private room away from the Fitness Show, attendees will have the opportunity to have a more personal experience with Kai. In this seated environment, you’ll hear his story, gain insight into his life, his training and eating regime and walk away with insightful training tips from a true leader.

Whether you just want to sit in and listen, or would like to ask Kai questions you’ve always wanted his answers to, you’ll walk away feeling humble, motivated and inspired.


Kai Greene VIP Express Meet & Greet

Want the ultimate VIP experience with Kai? The Kai Greene VIP Express Meet & Greet pack is for you! For an extra $15 you’ll receive priority seating at Kai’s seminar. You’ll also have an opportunity for you to capture your longed-for selfie moment with Kai, away from long lines after the seminar concludes!

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to be up, close and personal with Kai in a private sitting environment.




General: $50 per session

Express VIP: $65 per session

*Please note that you do not require a ticket to the Fitness Show to attend this event.

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