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Aerobic Microphones Australia, est. 1994 is the global supplier of the Aeromic for fitness clubs. They also manufacture neoprene pouchbelts for fitness instructors. Their Fitness Audio brand of electronics includes the things instructors operate when presenting their classes - wireless microphone systems, mixers, Bluetooth receivers, personal and portable PA systems.

Contact Details

02 83991052

Address: PO Box 321


State: NSW

Country: Australia

Postcode: 1435


Aeromic Pouchbelts

Instructors love them for the range of colours and colourful styles to keep the mic transmitter in while they teach classes. Joggers love them to keep their smaller smartphones in when they go out for a run.

E*Mics come in 4 colours

As an instructor if you ever wanted to own your own mic to teach classes with then this is the one to get. It's the best for up to 20 classes a week. E*Mics come in Blue, Red, Yellow and Black

AeroLink Bluetooth Receiver from Fitness Audio

The replacement for the CD Player. By linking your smartphone to the Fitness Audio AeroLink Receiver, you will get a cleaner sound at a higher output level than connecting via a cable. Play class music from digital downloads this way.

Microphone Accessories

Windscreens for E*Mics, Round ones for Shure Mics at low bulk buy prices. Rechargeable batteries and charger kits, Transmitter care and protection kits - they're all on sale at Aeromic Australia's booth.

Portable PA Systems

2 special portable PA systems bought in just for the show. Blue E*Mic + Bodypack and Pouchbelt. Distinctive blue speaker grill, 120w amp. Dust cover, battery charger all included priced to clear.

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