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We offer the largest range of Aquatic resistance equipment on the market. With leading brands, Aquastrength and Aqualogix, our range caters to all fitness levels. Our professional training programs allow personal trainers to change the way people workout and offer Group Fitness classes that challenge even the fittest of athletes.

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Address: 162 Mahurangi West Road, RD3

Suburb: Auckland


Country: New zealand

Postcode: 0983,


Aquastrength Barbell

The Aquastrength Barbells unique design allows the user to perform a multitude of exercises that focus on dynamic flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance.

Aqualogix High Speed Fins

The Aqualogix high speed fins create a dynamic high speed training tempo and provide high intensity, low impact training for all fitness levels. Ideal for lower body and core specific training.

Aquastrength Bells

The Aquastrength Bells are ideal for upper body and core specific training. They have been designed to further enhance the waters 3D properties, meaning the Bells can be moved in any direction and provide a smooth uniform resistance to maximize strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, speed, power and stability. Ideal for Group Fitness.

Aqualogix High Speed Bells

The Aqualogix High Speed Bells are ideal for upper body and core specific training. They have been designed to create a dynamic high speed training tempo. Most effective when used in conjunction with Aqualogix fins.

Aquastrength Fins

The Aquastrength Fins are designed for lower body exercise and attach around the calf for a total body workout. These fins can also be worn on the forearm to work the upper body. They have a four blade design that provides resistance in all directions. One size fits all. Ideal for Group Fitness.

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