Australian Institute of Laser Therapy

Stand N53

Australian Institute of Laser Therapy provides training and laser therapy equipment for professional and home use, to relieve pain, accelerate tissue repair and recovery of sports injuries. Athletes benefit from improved endurance with reduced skeletal muscle fatigue that can, downgrade performance and predispose them to chronic musculoskeletal disorders and pain.

Contact Details

1300 887 344

Address: Level 1 TOK Corporate Centre , 459 Toorak RD

Suburb: Toorak

State: VIC

Country: Australia

Postcode: 3142



Professional Laser System, pre-programmed treatment menu, wide variety of Laser probe attachments. Offering the ability to provide, safe effective in -house treatment of sports injuries, faster recovery and re-habilitation. Portability enables immediate pain control and treatment at sports events and improvement in endurance and rapid reduction of muscle fatigue.


Stand- Alone Cluster Laser comes in portable carry case, ideal for home and gym.Offering large 20cm area treatment of circulation problems , skin , musculoskeletal conditions rapid reduction of pain /inflammation/swelling and simple to operate with pre-set treatment times .


Economical Cordless Portable Home-Use single pen Laser comes in portable carry case with re-chargeable batteries and charger .

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