Peptides: The Truth Unfolded

“Peptides”. Many may cringe at the word, often misinterpreting it with negative connotations such as illegal, banned, steroids and unnatural. So why is the use of these amino acids growing exponentially, by not just fitness enthusiasts but everyday Joe Bloggs like you and me? These “protein chains”, are not just turned to by gym junkies […]

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The great debate. Plant based protein vs whey protein.

Written by Duncan Roberts & Jackie Green (B Nutr.)   Let’s face it. You’re into your health. You spend a large portion of your life ensuring that you are the fittest and healthiest you can be. It’s not a task, it’s a lifestyle. You also make a concerted effort to make sure you are putting […]

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Tim Robards Muscle Performance Q’s Answered!

Tim Robards Muscle Performance Q’s Answered! By Tim Robards, Chiropractor & Fitness Expert   Q: We saw you PUSH YOUR LIMITS as a Ninja very recently! What did you do to PREPARE YOUR MUSCLES FOR YOUR NINJA WARRIOR EVENT? A: I massage with Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion – the heat along with massage helps to […]

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Getting the most out of your warm up

Provided By: Australian Physiotherapy Assosiation Most athletes have no doubt been told time and time again they need to warm up before exercise, but the finer details of how to warm up—for how long, what exercises to do and why it’s important—are less well known. Why is it important to warm up? A good warm […]

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Are You Fat Deficient?

Are You Fat Deficient? Written by: Dr Joanna McMillan, PhD APD   There is a special group of fats called  ‘omega-3s’.  You  probably know them as fish oils and perhaps take supplements – they are some of the most commonly sold supplements – however, despite this, recent data shows that the vast majority of people […]

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It can be so confusing choosing what food or drink products to select with most claiming to be the best! So here are some handy tips when selecting what to put in your trolley: Per 100g Look at the serving per 100g/ml. Products do not have to have the same serving size and this can […]

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8 Nutrition Hacks For Better Health

8 Nutrition Hacks For Better Health Now! Written by: Shivaun Conn | Nutrition Expert for the Australian Institute of Fitness Eating healthy often conjures thoughts of strict diets, number crunching and never ending preparation. It doesn’t have to just mean “restriction” when it comes to being healthy, as there are plenty of other ways you can […]

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Choc Mint Protein Mousse

Here is a recipe for those chocolate mousse fans out there that are looking for a healthier alternative, thanks to Flush Fitness Makes 4 ¼ cup Walden Farms sugar free Maple Syrup 2 ripe avocados 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp peppermint extract ½ cup cacao 1 scoop choc mint Titan Protein Mint leaves to […]

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