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Oni lever belt action IPF approved

Stand Stand A7

13mm thickness 10cm width double red stitching with lever buckle. Special engraving 鬼神-Demon Lord- graphic. Made in Japan Premium quality genuine black leather and red suede combination.

Oni Singlet

Stand Stand A7

World Champions love Oni singlet!

Oni T-shirt

Stand Stand A7

Premium cotton 100% T-shirt with Oni logo.

Online Courses

Stand Stand F26

We have online courses which further your learning, are all done online and provide you with CEC's and a certificate at the end

Online Personal Training Course

Stand Stand K27

An online version of our Personal Training course, combining both Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Learn at your own pace from wherever is convenient for you, around any other…

Onyx Foam Roller

Stand Stand K21

Features a hollow, hard PVC pipe with a 13mm EVA foam overlay. The extra firm feel, combined with the moulded pattern foam is ideal for myofascial release. The hollow pipe…

Optimal Gains Body Bundle

Stand Stand E37

The Optimal Gain Bundle is a modified version of the Maximum Gains Bundle, for those who want to maximize the results of their routine as part of their broader lifestyle.…


Stand Stand F11

Extreme Preworkout

Own Branded Tights

Stand Stand N59

We offer a range of stock and custom made tights to suit your gyms needs. We do a short tight, 3/4 Tight and Full Length Tight. Add your logo to…

Oxygen Magazine

Stand Stand E48

Oxygen Magazine Australia is dedicated to providing results based training and nutritional expertise to help our readers achieve their health, lifestyle and fitness goals. We also inspire and motivate our…


Stand Stand HL7

Unique Micro Current Therapy specifically recommended for: Back Pain Muscular aches and pains Continuous and occasional pain. Delivers a natural restorative current directly to the source of pain.


Stand Stand N7

PaySmart is recognised Australia wide as the benchmark in direct debit billing. Our full service at ‘no-extra-cost’ delivered across four layers includes comprehensive debtor management, telephone support from an Australia-based…

PaySmart Net Promoter Score

Stand Stand N7

PaySmart’s Member insight platform allows you to keep your members longer and grow your business by measuring your Net Promoter Score through a simple member survey. It’s the vital business…

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate

Stand Stand L17

Our revolutionary Microactive Collagen Peptide contains a unique profile of 20 different amino acids, including eight of the nine essential amino acids. Glycine, hydroxyproline and prolins account for nearly half…

Perfect Total Body Kit

Stand Stand J1

The Total Body Kit is a 6 piece kit that combines the power of Push, Pull, Core movements with FitDeck workout cards and Nutrition planning. It is everything you need…

Performance crop

Stand Stand F33

Our high neck performance crop which doubles as swimwear is made in our unique designs and offers optimum coverage and support.

Performance shirts and T-shirts

Stand Stand EE3

Jerf performance tee shirts and shirts have original designs for an innovative look. All are quick dry, water absorbent, breathable fabric, seamless technology, stretch fabric, UV protection, comfortable. Some have…

Personal Training Course

Stand Stand K27

Our Personal Training Course combines the Certificate III & IV in Fitness, giving you the qualifications to become a nationally recognised personal trainer. We offer both online and face-to-face courses,…


Stand Stand N53

Professional Laser System, pre-programmed treatment menu, wide variety of Laser probe attachments. Offering the ability to provide, safe effective in -house treatment of sports injuries, faster recovery and re-habilitation. Portability…

Pickle Juice

Stand Stand M15

Pickle Juice is an all natural drink derived from the brine of pickles that is 10x More Electrolytes Than Other Sports Drinks Stop Muscle Cramps 100% natural, sugar free, caffeine…

Pilates Gateway Mat & Reformer

Stand Stand M13

The perfect introduction to teaching Pilates Walk away with a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method and the practical skills to teach a series of Pilates Mat & Reformer exercises…

Pilates Matwork Certification

Stand Stand F27

The Studio Pilates Matwork Course is our core instructor training module and is the entry level prerequisite for you to launch your new career as a Pilates instructor.

Pilates Reformer Certification

Stand Stand F27

Become a Pilates Reformer instructor and learn an extensive repertoire of exercises for beginners through to intermediate, as well as learn about shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and elbow injuries.

Pilates Rehab Certification

Stand Stand F27

Enhance your skills with a Pilates qualification specifically created for Allied Health professionals.

Piloxing Barre

Stand Stand EE5

PILOXING Barre utilizes the same fundamental disciplines (Pilates & Boxing) as PILOXING SSP. In this game-changing program, PILOXING goes to the BARRE. Using a ballet barre for stability and resistance…

Piloxing Knockout

Stand Stand EE5

PILOXING Knockout is a 45-minute workout influenced by plyometrics, sports conditioning drills and functional training. Increase your fitness level, boost your confidence and strength, break boundaries and gain results.

Piloxing SSP

Stand Stand EE5

PILOXING SSP is the original fusion format that made PILOXING a worldwide success. Uniquely blending two of the industry's most powerful and timeless disciplines of Pilates and Boxing, PILOXING SSP…

PlayerLayer Leggings Studio – Custom Leggings

Stand Stand G21

Explore your creative side by designing your own custom PlayerLayer leggings. These flattering leggings are made from PlayerLayer's cutting-edge moisture-wicking fabric, keeping you cool during your workout.

playon SPORT AID

Stand Stand EE8

playon SPORT AID was specially formulated over 30 years ago from a family recipe using natural ingredients. playon SPORT AID is a highly effective product that helps soothe and relax…


Stand Stand L27

Active Compression Underwear with fitted sweat resistant pockets to hold a phone, keys, credit card or cash.

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