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Pole Dance

Stand Stand K29

Pole dancing provides a fun great all round fitness experience with an ever changing combination of tricks and movements to build your strength, flexibility, endurance and dance skills. Our classes…

Polestar Pilates Matwork Certificate IV (10520NAT)

Stand Stand M13

Walk away from this course as a Pilates Matwork Instructor of the highest calibre. Well versed in Pilates principles, program design, exercise sequencing techniques, verbal and tactile cueing with emphasis…


Stand Stand N53

Stand- Alone Cluster Laser comes in portable carry case, ideal for home and gym.Offering large 20cm area treatment of circulation problems , skin , musculoskeletal conditions rapid reduction of pain…

Portable PA

Stand Stand E47

Medium sized portable PA with sweat proof headset & belt pack for indoors and outdoor gym classes. Take anywhere (mains and battery operated).

Portable PA Systems

Stand Stand N6

2 special portable PA systems bought in just for the show. Blue E*Mic + Bodypack and Pouchbelt. Distinctive blue speaker grill, 120w amp. Dust cover, battery charger all included priced…

Posture Medic

Stand Stand K28

The Posture Medic is a posture reminding resistance band that helps you stretch, strengthen and stabilise your back. Posture Medic helps stabilise your posture by holding your shoulders further back…

Power lifting Straps

Stand Stand E23

Wide heavy duty cotton strap • Neoprene padded • Adjustable wrist support wrap for extra comfort • Improves grip with less finger and hand fatigue • Velcro closure with a…


Stand Stand M21

Power Music 1 is our premium digital music subscription service that lets you access Unlimited Power Music mixes and Unlimited ClickMix custom mixes. Access to thousands of your favorite hits!…

Precor Discovery Series™ Benches and Racks

Stand Stand R11

Providing a broad range of exercises for both seasoned lifters and those new to strength, additions to the Precor Discovery Series™ Benches and Rack Strength range include a Power Rack,…

Precor Experience Series™ 700 Line

Stand Stand R11

The range has been designed with the quality and durability operators expect from Precor to suit a variety of business models, providing broader choice options for both large and boutique…

Precor P62 touch screen console

Stand Stand R11

Available on the Experience Series® 800 and 700 cardiovascular lines, the new P62 console features an industrial grade, high definition screen. The 13”screen has touch screen controls permanently embedded in…

Preva MyUI™

Stand Stand R11

Preva MyUI is an enhanced user interface system which turns Precor’s networked cardio screens into an interactive communications platform. Operators can now differentiate how they connect with exercisers by customising…

Professional Medical Scale – Wedderburn

Stand Stand H48

WM204 is an ideal professional client scale for use in heath clubs with optional height measurement rod. Features easy-to-read back lit display, auto weight lock function, weight hold and recall,…

Professional Medical Scale – WM204

Stand Stand H48

An ideal professional client scale for use in heath clubs with optional height measurement rod. Features easy-to-read back lit display, auto weight lock function, weight hold and recall, solid robust…


Stand Stand B22

International Protein’s ProNut High Protein Spread in Original full roast and Ultimate Chocolate flavours. ProNut High Protein Nut Spreads have a smooth, non-gritty texture and contain no added sugar. A…

PT Training Kit

Stand Stand F1

The ultimate companion for every PT with a focus on Boxing. Includes huge XL Trainer's Kit Bag designed to hold 10 x Bag Mitts and 10 x Focus Mitts PLUS…

Pull up rigs – Again Faster

Stand Stand G41

A pull up rig is the bones of your gym. Get exactly what you need to suit your space with Again Faster pull up rigs.

Pure Warrior

Stand Stand D42

Pure Warrior Powered by Swisse™ is the premium sports nutrition range from Australia’s leader in wellness, Swisse. This elite range has been scientifically engineered to help you power the warrior…


Stand Stand F49

The original silicone ring for the active lifestyle, inspiring a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment. Learn more and visit Qalo and the Sydney Fitness Show!

Quest Nutrition

Stand Stand D35

Quest Nutrition, makers of the #1 selling protein bar, is on a mission to create delicious foods that don't compromise on taste or nutrition. Quest has established itself as a…


Stand Stand HL7

Racerice plant based protein bars, developed by Stephanie Rice that are 100% vegan, 100% natural ingredients, GMO free and Australian Made. Three different bars to choose from.

Rappd 4″ Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Stand Stand F10

Delivering compression, warmth, stability and blood flow. Rappd use quality leather which is hand picked to suit our application, giving you a soft feel leather training belt which will mould…

Rappd 6″ Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt

Stand Stand F10

Rappd 9mm thick high grade Neoprene material is second to none and will give you the total core support needed to lift safely. Our Premium grade hook & loop velcro…

Rappd Elbow Sleeve

Stand Stand F10

Rappd SBR Neoprene is a higher grade and more durable (90% neoprene / 10% nylon) Heat sealed seams ensuring optimal comfort, and a countered fit to your elbow.

Rappd G-Grips – Gymnastic /Functional Training

Stand Stand F10

Rappd design team have come up with a Crossfit/Gymnastic Grip that will maximise protection without the compromise of feel.We have incorporated a 2.5” wrist band that will give your wrist…

Rappd Knee Sleeves

Stand Stand F10

Rappd 7mm Eco Friendly Neoprene Sleeves are made longer in length than most brands delivering additional compression, warmth, stability and blood flow. SBR Neoprene a higher grade and more durable…


Stand Stand G47

Features: • iPhone and Android Compatible • Long Term Tracking • 200kg Weight Capacity • Normal and Athlete mode • Auto-recognition • Advanced Dual Frequency Measures • Muscle Quality Score…

Recovery Organic Tea – Berry + Hibiscus

Stand Stand F30

This blend has been designed to help with the following; + support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation + help reduce bloating + help with the body's thermogenic fat-burning activity…

Recovery Organic Tea – Ginger + Lemongrass

Stand Stand F30

We have hand selected premium organic ingredients to create a specially formulated exercise tea to help assist with your active lifestyle. Our teas have been designed with the help of…

Redemption Fitness Capri

Stand Stand J14

Designed to help you tackle any workout in comfort and style this capri features lightly compressive fabric that hugs your muscles to keep them fresh from warm-up to cool-down. Its…

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