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CryoX Cryosauna

Stand P45

Worlds coldest and the most efficient cryosauna. Australias first and only Cryo Sauna brand.

Curved Shields

Stand E23

High density foam padding •Holes to release pressure and impact •Strong arm straps •Handles for varies holding combinations •Pre-Curved •Reinforced stitching o stress points

Custom Clothing Manufacturing

Stand E41

Custom cut, sew and print from start to finish. We make active wear and promotional apparel for clothing labels, personal trainers, gyms and many more.

Cut off tee

Stand C43

Muscle Tee designed for great comfort and style

CX-1000 Pro

Stand M27

The 4th generation CX-1000 Pro takes its place with a host of tweaks and improvements to deliver even better performance at the same price! The CX1000 Pro is a full…

Cybex Arc Trainer

Stand O11

The Arc Trainer is a total-body machine designed for strength, power and weight loss. At lower incline levels the ‘glide’ is like cross-country skiing; in mid-range, the motion is a…

Cybex Sparc

Stand O11

Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power. SPARC does it all, more safely, because it’s biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low stress. This is HIIT…


Stand M17

We do more than just process direct debits. We allow your customers to sign up online, choose their payment method and frequency – if your customer’s payment fails we follow…

Deep Heat PRO Sports Prep Massage Lotion

Stand M33

MAXIMISE MUSCLE PREPARATION with this specially engineered formula with HOTFLUX®. Providing a medium heating sensation, together with massage, it is the professional way to loosen and warm up tight muscles…

Deep Heat PRO Sports Recovery Massage Oil

Stand M33

HELP SPEED MUSCLE RECOVERY after a heavy workout using the combination of heat and massage with this specially engineered massage oil with HOTFLUX®. The medium heating sensation helps to warm-down,…


Stand L28

The HeartStart First Aid is designed for use by everyone, at any time, at any location. It is fast to learn, easy to use and always ready. Ideal for the…

Diet Supplement Collagen Max

Stand F56

Collagen Max is intended for women and men who wish to keep fit. Regular usage slows down the ageing process, smooths away wrinkles and boosts your energy levels by improving…

Diploma of Fitness (SIS50215)

Stand H50

The Diploma of Fitness (SIS50215) prepares you with all the specialist fitness skills to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced exercise programs. The course integrates industry-developed techniques with real-world training to…

Diploma of Sport Development (SIS50612)

Stand H50

If your passion lies in running competitions or developing sporting potential, then studying a Diploma of Sport Development (SIS50612) is ideal, regardless of whether you’re already working in the industry…

Disability Fitness

Stand G54

SESA Fitness provided 1:1 Personal Training and Group Fitness classes to people of any ability.

DIWO Curve Hoodie

Stand J21

A breathable, water-resistant sports hoody, keeping you comfy and your gym game on point.


Stand J21

The perfect workout wear to give you shape whilst getting in shape. - DIWO is designed to move moisture and heat away from your body, keeping you dry and your…


Stand P25

E.V.E is the automatic model of the Muscle Pump Machine. Programmed to naturally improve your blood circulation, muscular strength and attain a feeling of well-being in a near effortless 3…

E*Mics come in 4 colours

Stand N6

As an instructor if you ever wanted to own your own mic to teach classes with then this is the one to get. It's the best for up to 20…

Earebel Music Headbands and Beanies

Stand EE2

Headband and Beanies with Bluetooth headphone contacting to your smart phone allows you to play your music and answer phone calls


Stand Q46

Australian innovation is the first and only equipment that strengthens and lengthens muscles through the full range of motion using Eccentric contractions. Eccentromax develops strength faster for x12 muscle groups.…

Eco-friendly Activewear

Stand F7

We use eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles and upcycled coffee grounds. We focus on fabrics that are supremely soft, breathable and made with 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort…

Elastoplast Sport Functional Back Brace

Stand K13

New Back Brace for lower back (lumbar) support gives extra compression via velcro adjustable straps. It's contoured shape provides excellent conformity and comfort for everyday use.


Stand P35

For over 50 years, Eleiko has been a worldwide leader within international weightlifting, powerlifting and strength & conditioning communities. Its products have been delivered to more than 180 countries and…

Embelton Austraila

Stand O56

Spring and Rubber mount Acoustic isolation systems for Fitness Applications where extreme noise issues exist .

Energy Cans

Stand A25

Yes you read that right, it’s Green Tea X50 in a 355ml can! Your favourite natural energy drink is now in a can with the same great taste, it is…


Stand HL17

enrGIsustain is an in-between meals Low GI snack bar. A formulated sports bar to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and sustain energy. For those who need to make healthy food…

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