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High Protein Sweet Potato Pancakes

Stand HL12

Designed to feed your muscles after a morning workout or a big cardio session, they contain the ultimate combination of natural carbohydrates and protein. Repair your muscles with these protein…

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training 2

Stand L18

High Intensity Interval Classes are among the most popular classes today. We’ve created a HIIT soundtrack featuring the intervals 1 Minute of Work to 30 seconds of rest. 3 times…

Holsten 0.0%

Stand G53

A full flavoured German Pilsener with 0.0% Alcohol and only 40 calories. Boasting less than a third of the calories in a full strength beer, Holsten 0.0% matches waist-kind flavour…

Horizon DXA

Stand HL1

Hologic Horizon Dual-energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) System. Today’s gold standard of bone mineral densitometry. Also provides Advanced Body Composition to determine lean tissue, fat and bone assessment.

House Toasted Museli

Stand HL12

Our house toasted muesli is packed full of nutrients and natural ingredients that will fill you with the right flavours in the morning. Low in processed sugars, we use natural…


Stand E43

The Only Nano Peptide Extract Protein. HP-100 is a natural pure peptide extract from Hydrolysed Whey Protein, which conforms to allowable supplements to be used by athletes and contains no…

HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones

Stand K48

BioConnected’s HR+ is the next generation biosensing sports earphones. The wireless earphones accurately measure heart rate and body movements whilst exercising. In addition, the HR+ sports earphones coach you with…

Hyperwear SandBells Education Courses

Stand K1

Personal Training Academy’s SandBell® Level 1 Training Course is a one-day interactive workshop designed to deliver scientifically-backed training techniques with one of the most functional and dynamic tools in the…

IC5 Indoor Cycle

Stand P7

The IC5 combines innovative design with high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, IC5 features performance displayed in watts, data exchange with external devices as well as the…

IC7 Indoor Cycle

Stand P7

The IC7’s pioneering design and functionality are due to its two-stage drivetrain that empowers the market’s most accurate (+/-1%) direct WattRate® Power meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance and patent-pending Coach…

ICG Connect

Stand P7

Experience a gamified indoor cycling experience where riders engage in healthy competition within a group environment. ICG Connect features technology that amplifies the class energy by making it visible and…


Stand N29

It is differentiated product with 4 multiple frequencies which measures 20 different impedance values, and stores the data in server by wired/wireless networks, and can be accessible in real time.

InBody 570

Stand M1

The InBody 570 gives you all the relevant information that you require to precisely measure body composition on an ongoing basis. The InBody 570 is a highly effective, efficient and…

INC Sports Nutrition

Stand D42

INC Sports Nutrition is manufactured in New Zealand under a strict quality system. Every batch is tested for WADA banned substances by the global quality control certification programme INFORMED-SPORT. All…


Stand E6

Meal management made simple, portable and badass. Travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals, water bottles, snacks, sports nutrition products and supplements.


Stand E6

Nothing Mini about this. Everything you need to travel fit™. The perfect side companion for the fitness elite. Travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals, sports nutrition products, hydration bottles…


Stand D7

Unrelenting Energy* Multi Phase Pre-Workout* Enhanced Muscle Endurance* Heightened Mental Focus* Clinically Dosed Transparent Labelling PERFORMIX™ ION v2X is the hardest hitting, fastest working pre-workout in the Performix™ franchise. This…


Stand M44

Ion8 makes hydration easy – 100% leak-proof, BPA free & ideal for on-the-go drinking. Ion8 has recently won the 2016 reddot award for excellent design – get hydrated in style.

Jabra Elite Sport

Stand F39

Jabra Elite Sport are the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds • Superior quality wireless sound with bass-enriched and four advanced microphones for superior call technology • Advanced personalised…

Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition

Stand F39

The world’s first sports headphones with automatic rep counting • Superior sound with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass • Automatic Rep Counting • Intelligent in-ear coaching for personalised workouts…

Jabra Sport Pace

Stand F39

Wireless sports headphones with superior sound and a secure fit • Superior quality wireless sound & calls • Rapid charge • On-demand pace guidance • Perfect and secure fit •…

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

Stand F39

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition are the world’s first sports headphones with automatic VO2 Max measurement • Superior quality wireless sound & calls • Built-in heart rate monitor • Measure…


Stand N59

We offer a range of jackets to suit all active lifestyles. Our most popular is the Attivo Activewear jacket that comes in stock black, purple, blue, pink and green. We…

Jette Skirt

Stand J14

This short, lightweight pleated skirt is liberatingly fast. The wide, soft waistband with a hidden compression panel has a continuous drawcord. The two front pleats and back paneled stitching bring…

Jill DD/E High Impact Sports Bra

Stand J14

More supportive than your best friend, the Jill Bra employs moulded, seam-free cups to encapsulate each breast as well as hidden support panels for compression to keep movement to a…


Stand M27

Latin for help or assist, Juvo is a transformational new movement in home and studio fitness. Designed to support individuals of all fitness levels in the quest for strong, healthy…

Kapai Puku – Antioxidant Health

Stand J54

It’s a nutrient-dense high-fibre blend, containing essential fatty acids, protein, zinc, and magnesium, enhanced with Wattle seeds, Ginseng, Monk Fruit and raw cacao. If you love your morning coffee then…

Kapai Puku – Heart Health

Stand J54

Our Heart Health mix has been meticulously formulated based around our supreme range of Kapai Puku Blends. Being high in fibre, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals such as Zinc and…

Kapai Puku – Liver Health

Stand J54

Liver Health is for those who want the raw pure Kapai Puku taste with no added fruit or sweetness. It is high in fibre and enhanced with Organic Dandelion Root,…

Kapai Puku – Stomach Health

Stand J54

The raw ingredient taste, but adds a hint of natural sweetness with the addition of Monk Fruit and naturally sundried South Australian Raisins. Formulated to cleanse and exfoliate your digestive…

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