Commando Steve

Sydney, Australia

With his signature black t-shirt and combat fatigues Steve Willis (or Commando Steve as he is better known) has become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected Fitness Experts. The ex-military man’s incorporation of skills learnt in the army, partnered with the principles of CrossFit form his own unique style of training – ‘Get Commando Fit’.

He lives by a simple motto, there are no excuses. Commando Steve appeared as a trainer on eight of Channel Ten’s hit show ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’ and is the author of three books 2010 No Excuses, 2015 Get Commando Fit and 2015 Get Commando Fit cookbook.

In August 2014, Steve and his team of experts launched the first Mission of GetCommandoFit, a 13 week online health and fitness program.


Commando Steve himself will be hosting GetCommandoFit style boot camp sessions at the Fitness Show in Sydney. The brave who choose to accept Commando’s mission will take part in a fun yet challenging 45 minute boot camp session, which will leave you sweating… but feeling great!

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