Scott Gooding

Sydney, Australia

You may best know Scott Gooding as a previous contestant on Australia’s highest rating TV show, My Kitchen Rules. Since then, Scott has become a popular household name, sharing his passion for health and nutrition through six successful books under the Clean Living series, released in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Scott has also released his first e-book called ‘Nourished’ which is available on iTunes.

Scott was born in Camden Town, United Kingdom and has always had a keen interest in sport from a young age. Scott moved to Bondi, Australia in 1999. Being surrounded by the athletic and healthy nature of Bondi further sparked Scott’s passion for training, fitness and nutrition.

In 2005, Scott completed his degree in Exercise Science and a diploma which saw him become an Exercise Science Specialist. After completing his studies in 2005, Gooding went on to start his own business, Scott Gooding Fitness, specialising in teaching individuals about health and fitness.

Scott now runs the Scott Gooding Project which presents a platform to share easy, delicious and affordable recipes. Scott truly believes in a clean way of life and says that, “cooking is a time to being loved ones together to reconnect, whilst also teaching future generations how easy healthy eating can be.”


Live Cooking Demonstrations With Scott

Scott will be hosting live cooking demonstrations at the Healthy Living Stage across Friday-Sunday. Come along and learn how to make a delicious, healthy Nutella spread, along with other easy to prepare healthy treats and meals. Details to follow.


Follow Scott on Instagram: @scottgoodingproject


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