Stephanie Sanzo

Geelong, VIC, Australia

Stephanie is a mother, trainer, fitness model and powerlifter.  She began her fitness journey after her first pregnancy and the training and healthy eating helped Stephanie lose all of the 25 kilograms she put on during her pregnancy.   This transformation helped Stephanie regain her confidence and gave her a whole new energy towards her life, children and career.

Stephanie started social media to share her story in hope to motivate, inspire, teach and encourage others with their fitness goals.  In the hope to help others she completed her certificates and qualified as a Personal Trainer.

Fitness has lead Stephanie to competing as an athlete in the sports of Fitness Modelling and Powerlifting and has been competing in Fitness Modelling since 2013.   Over the past 3 years she has competed 8 times in the Bikini and Fitness divisions of WFF and placing in numerous competitions has given her great experience and insight to the industry.

Meet Steph at the Fitness Show across the weekend. Steph will also complete an exclusive Powerlifting Workshop. Details to follow.


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