Steve Cotter


Steve Cotter is one of ZIVA’s global ambassadors, currently teaching on 6 continents having developed qualified kettlebell fitness instructors across over 40 nations. Steve is the Founder and Director of IKFF, and draws from an extensive background as a champion athlete and cutting-edge trainer to develop some of the most complete programs in strength and conditioning today.

Steve continues to research and implement the most effective training methods, particularly with the use of kettlebells to benefit, teach and motivate others. Steve designs programs with the common theme of unyielding focus, unparalleled intensity and precise attention to detail.

Steve will be running 2 sessions per day on the ZIVA stand delivering strength and conditioning education and practical demonstration, with particular emphasis on the use of kettlebells.  Steve is also hosting three ‘The Way Of The Kettlebell’ workshop sessions at the Education Hub in the Industry Zone of the website.


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