3 Major Benefits Of Compression Apparel

3 Major Benefits Of Compression Apparel

It’s almost impossible to go for a walk along the beach or enter a gym without seeing someone dressed in compression apparel. If you wear compression apparel, do you know why you wear it? And if not, have you ever questioned what it’s all about?

Compression apparel is not just for comfort purposes, it can assist your performance and recovery. Here’s how…

1. Improves Your Performance

Compression apparel helps to improve fitness performance by keeping your muscles firmly in place which also gives you better awareness of your body position. Compression apparel is also said to help reduce muscle fatigue and to help improve blood flow through gradual compression.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Injury

Whilst compressions can keep you cooler in the warmer weather, they also keep you warmer in the cooler weather. This means they help to promote warmer muscles, helping to minimise muscle micro-tearing and other injury. Ever wondered why many recommend to wear compression tights or socks on long haul flights? Well the reason is, compressions help reduce the risk of blood pooling (clotting).

3. Helps You Recover Faster

Taking into consideration the above two points, compressions may assist in quicker recovery through increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage removing toxins – helping to increase the muscle repair process.


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