5 Tips To Speed Up Your Post-Workout Recovery

In today’s competitive sporting world, muscles are pushed to the max and bodies pushed to their limits. Improving performance can be achieved with appropriate warm-up, training and recovery methods that maximize fitness benefits, performance and help you to avoid injury. When muscles are tired, aching and sore, it’s not the right time to get straight back into action – and can increase the risk of injury, so here are 5 tips to speed up your post-workout recovery.

1: Keep hydrated

It is well known that water accounts for approximately 60% of the human body, and it is essential for the health of every cell. Good hydration helps prevent cramping, muscle soreness and inflammation that can impact workout recovery and progress. Advantages of adequate water and hydration include:

  • Support blood and oxygen flow for faster recovery
  • Your body stays cooler for exercising without overheating
  • Helps muscles and joints to stay lubricated and provided with nutrients
  • Water flushes bodily waste and toxins
  • Supports skin suppleness and youthfulness
2: Apply soothing muscle creams

For decades, Australians have relied on soothing heat rubs and lotions to aid sports training, post-workout recovery and pain relief. Iconic Deep Heat products have been there for many generations – many people know it for the smell and the sports locker-room victory feeling. Here are some Deep Heat products that you might want in your gym bag:

  • Pre-workout: Muscle Massage Lotion primes muscles before workout to loosen muscles and increase blood flow – it’s also got the heating element and that nostalgic smell gets you in the mindset of smashing your goals!
  • Post-workout: Recovery Massage Oil helps to warm-down muscles and release knots and tight muscles – as well as promoting local blood circulation.
  • Injury management: ICE gel or spray provides fast targeted temporary pain relief of minor injuries.
  • In-between workouts: Deep Heat is great for soothing aching muscles. If the smell is something that you don’t want at work or in social situations consider the Low odour solution – or patches which are odourless.
3: Eat a high protein meal

There is no doubt about the ability of protein to help people recover from exercise. Protein assists the body by promoting muscle adaptation, making high protein meals during post-workout recovery an essential training component. Here are some ways a high protein diet can assist.

  • Aiding the repair of damaged muscle fibres.
  • Allowing training-induced physical adaptations to strengthen muscles.
  • Replenishing depleted energy stores for faster recovery.
  • Facilitating optimal muscle growth by controlled eating.
4: Massage post-workout

Massage relieves aches, pains and knots, and speeds up recovery. Quality massage lotions and oils are must-haves in any sports kit or medical cabinet.

Sports tape friendly Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion is a new product – your hard-working body can benefit from the combination of heat and massage:

  • Softens knots in muscles.
  • Relaxes and loosens muscles and soft tissue.
  • Promotes blood circulation for faster muscle recovery.
5: Get 8 hours of sleep

Muscles continue to repair, transform and grow long after the workout is complete. Achieving the right balance between rest and recovery is incredibly important for health, muscle growth, and sports performance. Although the occasional bad night’s sleep won’t impact workouts, an irregular lifestyle or ongoing sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on health and fitness. Improvements noticed when getting 8 hours of sleep per night include:

  • Faster muscle recovery.
  • A positive training attitude.
  • Clearer focus and determination.
  • Greater endurance, accuracy and strength.

The vast majority of training, workout and sports injuries can be avoided with an appropriate warm-up, workout, and warm-down routine. Although some ‘good pain’ is acceptable when working out, more serious injuries can totally derail plans and set the fitness campaign way behind schedule. Deep Heat products provide fast temporary pain relief – as well as massage products to help you stay in the game and perform.

This article is brought to you by Deep Heat. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

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