6 Key Foods For Men

6 Key Foods For Men

Written by: Ashleigh Feltham, APD | Feed Your Future Dietetics

Selecting the best foods to support men’s overall health  was  not an easy task, as each food has different nutrients that may benefit the body and promote health. But, after much consideration, here are my top nine key foods for men.

#1 Tomatoes
These fruits (yes they are a fruit) are important for men because they contain lycopene, which is linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Funnily enough, processed tomatoes actually contain more lycopene than fresh, so next time you make a a pasta dish or a chicken parmigiana, toss in a tin of tomatoes!

#2 Yoghurt
This source of dairy has so many health benefits including important probiotics that keep your gut healthy and help your metabolism and immune system function. Yoghurt can also help your bones stay strong and healthy, which aids in the prevention of osteoporosis (and no, that’s not just an older person’s disease!). Dairy has increasing evidence to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Selecting low or no fat sources will help your waistline but the most important factor is getting enough dairy for your health.

#3 Whole grains
Whole grains, such as brown rice and pasta, quinoa and couscous, act as prebiotics to the probiotics in your gut. In other words, they feed the good bacteria in your gut to make sure they stay healthy and well. Whole grains provide energy and are important for your body to get B vitamins, which aid in the production of red blood cells.

#4 Fish
Eating fish two to three times a week, with each serving equal to 100g of fish gives your body a great start. Fish contains many important nutrients including omega-3, which supports a healthy heart as well as improves your mood.

#5 Rainbow of vegetables
Each vegetable is important in a different way as it provides your body with different nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants, so eating the rainbow of veggies will help support the healthiest version of you. When you eat a variety of vegetables that differ in colour, you are providing yourself with more chances to help prevent cancers and disease, and support your immunity in the best possible way. Vegetables in all forms are a great low energy food with lots of fibre, which helps you feel fuller for longer. By ensuring around half of each meal is made up of vegetables, you will be less likely to overeat, be more likely to maintain a healthy weight, and you’ll probably feel better for it. And, you’ll be more likely to avoid developing the dreaded ‘beer belly’, which means you’ll also reduce your risk of heart disease.

#6 Bananas
This fruit comes pre-packaged, does not require washing and is ready to eat! It’s a great source of soluble fibre and potassium, which helps your blood pressure stay at a healthy level.

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