Brisbane Open – Powerlifting Australia

Bringing back the heat to the southern Hemisphere, Powerlifting Australia will be showcasing some of the strongest athletes in the world at the Brisbane Open.

The Brisbane Open will see the much anticipated return of Natalie Salm in the women’s 58kg division. While Queensland local Tara Renke will fight to hold her #1 position in the Women’s Junior 64Kg Weight Division. Super heavy weight Dave Napper will be hitting the platform to push the boundaries on his Open Nationals total.
The Nauru team will be again making the journey to Aussie soil to break Oceania Records with Dyke Doae in the open 77kg weight division looking to get a 250kg squat and Langer Olsson Wharton hoping to get a 224kg bench press record in the 120kg weight division.

Check out the Powerlifting timetable below and visit the Muscle Stage on Saturday at the Fitness Show to find out who really is the strongest athlete!

Saturday 13th July


Group A:

72kg Women – Tonya EVera, Jess McManus, Hannah Altman BP Only

100kg Women – Hannah Kose

77kg Men – Joel Wieland, Beau Rutherford, Isher Singh BP Only, Taka Miyamoto

94kg Men – Lawrie Abbott

Group B:

58Kg Women – MyGirl Jeremiah (Nauru), Tayla-Jane Sissons, Narrah-Val Herman (Nauru)

64kg Women – Vanessa Treloar, Katie Springer, Keely Reinke, Caitlin Barracloiugh

69kg Men – Joaquin Evans, Anthony Frilingos, Hamish McLean



Group A:

64kg Women – Natalie Salm, Tara Reinke

94kg Men – Jason Clarke

105kg Men – Denver Steyn

120kg Men – Sam Butterworth, Chris Dux, Lunger Wharton (Nauru) BP only

120Kg+ Men – Dave Napper


Group B:

84kg Women – Angela Lowe, Shannan McIlwham, Sally Winstanley, Louise Sing

100kg+ Women – Debbie-Lea Young

77kg Men – Dyke Doae (Nauru)

85kg Men – James Waterson, Liam Bygott, Owen Feng


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