Peptides: The Truth Unfolded

“Peptides”. Many may cringe at the word, often misinterpreting it with negative connotations such as illegal, banned, steroids and unnatural. So why is the use of these amino acids growing exponentially, by not just fitness enthusiasts but everyday Joe Bloggs like you and me? These “protein chains”, are not just turned to by gym junkies […]

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Are You Fat Deficient?

Are You Fat Deficient? Written by: Dr Joanna McMillan, PhD APD   There is a special group of fats called  ‘omega-3s’.  You  probably know them as fish oils and perhaps take supplements – they are some of the most commonly sold supplements – however, despite this, recent data shows that the vast majority of people […]

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6 Key Foods For Men

6 Key Foods For Men Written by: Ashleigh Feltham, APD | Feed Your Future Dietetics Selecting the best foods to support men’s overall health  was  not an easy task, as each food has different nutrients that may benefit the body and promote health. But, after much consideration, here are my top nine key foods for men. #1 […]

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8 Nutrition Hacks For Better Health

8 Nutrition Hacks For Better Health Now! Written by: Shivaun Conn | Nutrition Expert for the Australian Institute of Fitness Eating healthy often conjures thoughts of strict diets, number crunching and never ending preparation. It doesn’t have to just mean “restriction” when it comes to being healthy, as there are plenty of other ways you can […]

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PERKii’s Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Gut Health

Increasing evidence is emerging now days about gut health and how vitally important it is to our health and wellbeing… maybe even the key. There is a lot of new research happening which is showing that the balance of those little guys in our gut related to our mood, mental focus, immune system and even […]

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Why Magnesium Rich Water Is Vital For Optimal Health

Provided by Magnesia Water  A Vital Mineral For The Body.. It’s not for no reason Magnesium is so often called the element of life. Magnesium can do so much that people are sceptic about one mineral being so crucial for so many activities in the body. Magnesium is the second most abundant positively charged intracellular […]

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Christmas Protein Panna Cotta

If you’re looking for a healthier dessert to enjoy at Christmas then try this delicious Christmas Protein Panna Cotta recipe by Victory Labs Athlete, Anna McManamey. Makes 6 1tbs powdered gelatin + 100ml hot water 3/4 scoop vanilla Victory Labs HydroComplete 250g fat free plain Greek yoghurt 2tbs Natvia 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp […]

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Sugar is Poison by Rachel Dillon

Sugar is Poison by Rachel Dillon If you were to ask yourself what were the three main substances you were told to stay away from as a child, I can guarantee most of you would say alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. I remember having health education classes on the elite dangerousness of these substances and the […]

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