Calisthenics Playground

Get ready to defy gravity all weekend at the Fitness Show on the Calisthenics Playground!

Want to try it out for yourself? Calisthenics Certifications are offering a Show Exclusive Offer to Fitness Show attendees! Find out more now!

Friday 12th April
10amLevel 1 Certification
12:00pmDemo/ Performance
12:30pmEndurance Comp
2:30pmDemo/ Performance
3:15pmRep Comp (Public)
Saturday 13th April
10:30amMeet Street Workout Athletes
11:30amFlow Workshop with Central Calisthenics
12:30pmStreet Workout: Freestyle Battle
3:30pmRep Comp (public)
4:00pmMeet the athletes
Sunday 14th April
10:30amMeet Street Workout Athletes
11:30amHandstand Workshop with Central Calisthenics
12:30pmIAMBARFIT Comp
3:15pmComp (public) (Handstand)


Get your Calisthenics Certification with the experts at a SHOW ONLY price of $99!

We are pleased to announce @centralcoastcalisthenics (globally accredited by Calisthenics Certifications) will be hosting a level 1 ‘Introduction to calisthenics’ on the first day of the Fitness Show, Friday 12th April at 10am. If you’re looking to learn the basic principles to bodyweight mastery, this class is for you!

Background and Benefits:

There’s more functional than your bodyweight movement.

The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words “kallos” for beauty and “thenos” for strength. In the past, the term was used to describe a range of basic exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats. Today, calisthenics is associated with more advanced bodyweight exercises such as muscle ups, human flag, and single arm pull ups that develop strength, muscular endurance, core strength and neuromuscular efficiency.

In an era of ‘functional’ training, we are moving away from exercising to merely look good and are becoming focused on preparing our bodies for the demands of daily life. Forget the latest pieces of fitness kit to help build stability and strength; it doesn’t get more functional that just using your own bodyweight.

Calisthenics is for everyone

Everyone can benefit from Calisthenics. No matter your background or current level of fitness, you can start seeing the benefits of calisthenics straight away. Each exercise is broken down into stages, and you will easily be able to determine the most appropriate starting point. From these foundations  you can work through the progressions until you reach the iconic calisthenics moves.

Anytime, anywhere

All you need is your bodyweight and gravity to challenge your stamina, strength, balance and co-ordination. Forget a gym membership or packing fitness kit for road trips, you are your own multi-gym. Learn how to utilise everyday objects such as benches and signs to act as the tools you need to master each move.

 The program:

The calisthenics program is built around mastery of your own body, and takes a skills-based approach. This is much more rewarding than traditional gym-based training where you might add extra weight to your bench press or ¼ of an inch to your biceps. Following the calisthenics program you’ll develop the ability to perform some awesome skills – the exercises we refer to as the iconic moves.

Training can be adapted to develop traditional goals such as strength, building muscle or developing muscular endurance but exercises and their progressions are a form of skill mastery. Mastering new physical skills, especially as an adult, is immensely rewarding and helps to maintain motivation.

Enrol to add to learn and become a more capable version of yourself.

To enroll on this certified workshop, Usually $199, we’re offering this for $99 for Fitness Show attendees only

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