Healthy, Happy and Strong with Rachael Finch

Join Rachael Finch, poster girl for living a wholesome, holistic life as she shares her inspiring, real world insights into being the “best you” and living a healthy, happy balanced life to the fullest.

Rachael is a living, breathing real-world example of living every day to its full potential, as a busy working mother of two and wife. It’s all about balance. Rachael  shares her knowledge on how to live every day your best way, and to feel wonderful and happy, no matter what life throws at you.

Rachael loves to share her insights and learnings. “We are stronger together than we are alone,” she says. “I am so excited to meet and talk about health, kids, business or life in general.” Rachael believes in honesty and will share her story of once being too strict on her diet and exercise, what effect it had on her body and how she overcame it.

Live a Healthy, Happy and Strong life like Rachael 

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