MAXED OUT: The Ultimate Lifting Challenge.

How many squats, dead lifts and bench presses until you MAX OUT? Team up with the biggest and best in this daily challenge on Muscle Beach at the Fitness Show Sydney. There are 4 teams for men and 4 for women captained by some of the strongest and best in the industry. Teams will be picked from the crowd on the day, so if you think you have what it takes to win, show up to Muscle Beach daily for your chance to join

Female CaptainsMale Captains
  • EHP Labs
  • Muscle Nation
  • Clean Health
  • Legacy Tours
  • Zac Smith Fitness
  • Joe Pitt
  • Kwame Duah
  • Nutrition Systems
The Competition

Each team will compete in 3 major lifts: the squat, dead lift and bench press. Once you pick up the bar, time starts for 5 minutes. The moment you can’t push through any longer, you’re out. The last team standing with the most reps wins.

  • Squat – 100% body weight
  • Bench Press – 100% body weight males, 75% body weight females
  • Deadlifts – 100% body weight
Head on over to Muscle Beach Daily for your chance at maxed out glory!

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