Finding the perfect Personal Trainer

Does finding the perfect personal trainer feel a little overwhelming? Where do you find one? How do you know if they are right for you?
Pummel are the new kids on the fitness app block, and they specialise in finding you the perfect PT. So, we sat down with them to get the goss on what makes a good trainer and how to find the right one for you.
Depending on who you are and what you value, the ideal personal trainer may be different for all of us. Sometimes figuring out the personal trainer you need, versus the trainer you want, is also tough. The first step is understanding what makes a good personal trainer.

A good personal trainer ticks all of the below boxes;
They show up – Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised. If organising that first face-to-face proves difficult, move on and do it quick.
They’re qualified – You want to make sure your potential trainer has completed a Certificate IV or has a fitness related degree under their belt.
They’re nearby – If you’re traveling half way across the city at 6am for a session, your enthusiasm will quickly diminish.
They’re goals focused – Make sure they are truly here for you. They need to care about your goals and turning you into the best version of yourself.
They can provide for you – Many of you will know exactly what you want from your ideal trainer. Whether it is weight loss, body building or just general fitness, make sure you are clear with your prospective trainer and they have the skills and experience to provide exactly what you need.

Finding a great personal trainer goes beyond finding someone who can make you sweat, breathe heavy, and be sore the next day. Exercise is a science, and choosing the right “scientist” can make the difference between reaching your goals or hurtling towards a permanent injury.
Unfortunately, many people find their PT through their local gym. This is all fine and dandy if you are lucky and are allocated someone great. But, do you really want to be playing gym roulette? Where you’re likely to be assigned to whoever needs more clients?
Damien King, the brains behind Pummel, says, ‘I struggled to find a good trainer, and then when I did, I found a lack of organisation that lead to a poor experience overall.  An industry built on manual processes and word of mouth is ready for disruption.  I know technology can help PTs and the fitness industry and I believe Pummel will not only help more people get fit, it will help fitness professionals gain and retain more customers.’

Pummel combines all of the factors such as location, experience, training and specialisation to find you the perfect trainer. The apps algorithm uses all your preferences to scroll through their extensive database of trainers and hook you up with the top options and let you connect from there. Trainers are all extensively vetted and the rating system allows you to make the best choice. Once you connect with your coach you can use the mobile app to get messages and notifications directly from your new PT.

Personal trainers and fitness experts can register on to be on our mobile app at
Swing by the Pummel stand (i27), at the Brisbane Expo and try out the mobile app for yourself.

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