OH! Magazine’s Fitness & Motivation expert Michelle Bridges explores the importance of hydration for optimum health.

Even though the weather is cooling down, you still need to be mindful of your hydration.

Becoming dehydrated has negative effects not only on our cognitive brain function (lack of alertness and ability to concentrate – aka brain fog), but also on our ability to train effectively. Did you know that losing as little as two per cent of our body weight through dehydration can result in a loss of 30 per cent power output (i.e., see ya later squats session!)? Of course, being dehydrated also makes us feel crappy, with dry eyes, muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue and more – it’s a lot of hurt happening over a lack of hydration, right?

People living in warmer climates (hello Aussie summer!) are much more likely to be dehydrated than those in cooler areas, and for those in warmer isles who are working in physically demanding jobs or training hard, it’s pretty much impossible to stop the sweat-fest that occurs as a result.

So if we can’t stop our bodies sweatin’, we have to make sure that we are frequently topping up our fluids, in order to stay hydrated, healthy and happy!

The key here is to choose your hydration appropriately, and to hook into it regularly.

Hands down, H20 should be your number one drink of choice. We’re super fortunate that in most of Australia and New Zealand, our water is good to go straight out of the tap! By all means if you want to filter it, go for it, but you do not fear drinking it straight.

Get yourself a drink vessel that’s easy to hold and simple to transport. If you’re choosing plastic, make sure it’s BPA free, or opt for glass or stainless steel. Remember, the best choice is the one you’ll actually use, so imagine your daily life and picture what will suit you best. My MB Active range has a great number of drink bottle options, which you can check out here.

Get set into a drinking routine. First thing in the morning, have a glass of water while you fill your drink bottle. As you head into your day, set your goal for how many times you want to drain your drink bottle (setting a goal means you’ll be more likely to get it done). Then set a recurring reminder or download an app on your phone to alert you to drink up – just make sure you action the alert whenever it comes up!

This article is reprinted from the March 2018 edition of OH! Magazine. You can subscribe to receive future issues for FREE at www.ohmagazine.com.au


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