The Rig Fit Muscle Beach

Get up close and personal and be inspired by some of the most aesthetic athletes in the world at the Fitness Show’s Muscle Beach.

Strength fans, find your tribe at Muscle Beach! Muscle Beach is a fully equipped ‘Venice Beach’ style gym, set in the heart of the Strength Zone of the Fitness Show.

It’s at Muscle Beach that you’ll witness live workouts from the biggest and best names in the industry including Calum Von Moger, Jeff Seid, Simeon Panda, Jaco De Bruyn, Zac Smith, Josef Rakich, Katya Henry, Lauren Simpson, Steph Sazno; plus many, many more!

You’ll also witness a World Record attempt by Official Guinness World Record Holder, Marcus Bondi and learn a few training techniques along the way. Muscle Beach is where it’s at! #AestheticAF

The Rig Fit Muscle Beach Timetable is now live on the Fitness Show event timetable:

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