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Who is the strongest Nation?

Presented by Powerlifting Australia

The World Powerlifting Pacific Challenge will be held over 3 days as a feature event at the Sydney Fitness Show. Teams from Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Nauru will battle it out to see who will be named the strongest nation.


On Saturday 13th April, Australian Karl DiFalco (69kg men’s division) will attempt to beat his previous squat record of 240kg and set a new world record of a massive 248kg. The ICN Bodybuilding Championships will temporarily stop during this time so they can cheer on their Victorian President as he attempts to smash this enormous record. Don’t miss this monumental occasion when one squat attempt will stop the Fitness Show.

Other highlights for the weekend include the 64kg women’s division and the men’s 77kg division where athletes from Nauru, Hong Kong, Australia, China and New Zealand will share the platform and represent their nation in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

The women’s 72kg division is shaping up to be an exciting and tough battle between the Aussies and the Kiwis with all of the ladies looking to break records.

The super heavy weight battle is always a session not to be missed and this competition is no different with Joseph Wittaker (NZ), Tony Reinmuth (AUS) and James Tevega (NZ) all looking to break records in the over 120kg men’s division.

The World Powerlifting federation and their affiliates promote a drug free powerlifting environment and competitions. As a result WADA compliant testing will apply.

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