Be there as the best in natural muscle and sports modeling battle it out to become the World Champion in their division. With over 20 countries competing, the ICN World Championships is one not to be missed. Countries include:

  • USA
  • Czech Republic
  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia
  • Tunisia
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Korea
  • Brazil
  • Italy

Find out who will be the World Champion at the Fitness Show Melbourne!


Saturday 26th October
10:00amMs. Classic Figure Open
10:10amMen’s Bodybuilding Weight Under 75kg
10:20amMen’s Bodybuilding Weight Over 75kg
10:30amMs. Figure Open (Height Class 1)
10:40amMen’s Bodybuilding Open (Height Class 1)
10:50amMs. Figure Open (Height Class 2)
11:00amMen’s Bodybuilding Open (Height Class 2)
11:10amMs. Figure Overall Champion (All open Height Class Winners)
11:20amMen’s Bodybuilding Open (Height Class 3)
11:30amMen’s Bodybuilding Open (Height Class 4)
11:40amMs. Fitness Model Open (Height Class 1)
11:50amMen’s Bodybuilding Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)
12:00pmMs. Fitness Model Open (Height Class 2)
12:10pmMen’s Fitness Open (Height Class 1)
12:20pmMs. Fitness Model Open (Height Class 3)
12:30pmMen’s Fitness Open (Height Class 2)
12:40pmMs. Fitness Model Open (Height Class 4)
12:50pmMen’s Classic Physique
1:00pmMs. Fitness Model Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)
1:10pmMen’s Fitness Model Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)
1:20pmSports Model Open (Height Class 1)
1:30pmMen’s Physique Under 72kg
1:40pmSports Model Open (Height Class 2)
1:50pmMen’s Physique Weight Over 72kg
2:00pmSports Model Open (Height Class 3)
2:10pmMen’s Physique Open (Height Class 1)
2:20pmSports Model Open (Height Class 4)
2:30pmMen’s Physique Open (Height Class 2)
2:40pmSports Model Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)
2:50pmMen’s Physique Open (Height Class 3)
3:00pmBikini Open (Height Class 1)
3:10pmMen’s Physique Open (Height Class 4)
3:20pmBikini Open (Height Class 2)
3:30pmMen’s Physique Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)
3:40pmBikini Open (Height Class 3)
3:50pmBikini Open (Height Class 4)
4:00pmBikini Overall Champion (All Open Height Class Winners)


Sunday 27th October
9:50amMen’s Physically Challenged
10:00amWomen’s Bodybuilding
10:10amMs. Figure 50, 60 & 70
10:20amMen’s Bodybuilding 50 & 60
10:30amMen’s Bodybuilding 40
10:40amMs. Figure 40
10:50amMen’s Bodybuilding 23
11:00amMs. Figure Novice
11:10amMen’s Bodybuilding Novice
11:20amMs. Figure Masters Diamond Division
11:30amMen’s Bodybuilding Diamond Division
11:40amMs. Fitness Model 40
11:50amMs. Fitness Model 30
12:00pmMs Fitness Model Mumma
12:10pmMs. Fitness Model Novice
12:30pmMen’s Fitness 30
12:40pmMen’s Fitness Novice
12:50pmSwimsuit Novice
1:00pmMen’s Physique 23
1:10pmSwimsuit 30
1:20pmMen’s Physique Novice
1:30pmMen’s Classic Physique Novice
1:40pmSports Model 23
1:50pmSports Model Novice
2:20pmSport Model Mumma
2:30pmSports Model 30
2:40pmSports Model 40
2:50pmMen’s Physique 40 & 50
3:00pmBikini 23
3:10pmBikini Novice
3:30pmBikini Mumma
3:40pmBikini 30+
3:50pmBikini 40+
4:00pmBikini 50+
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