Industry Visitor Status

Unsure if you qualify for an industry pass to the Fitness Show Melbourne? Industry passes are available for the following job titles:

Bullet Tick Personal trainers & group fitness instructors

Bullet Tick Yoga & Pilates instructors

Bullet Tick Strength & conditioning coaches

Bullet Tick Exercise Physiologists

Bullet Tick Exercise Scientists

Bullet Tick Health & wellness coaches

Bullet Tick Physiotherapists

Bullet Tick Chiropractors

Bullet Tick Dietitians

Bullet Tick Nutritionists

Bullet Tick Naturopaths

Bullet Tick Massage therapists

Bullet Tick Gym, sporting or club owner or manager


Please note: A VALID INDUSTRY I.D IS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY to the Fitness Show Melbourne. Valid industry ID includes:

Bullet Tick Business card stating your full name & job title

Bullet Tick Work name badge

Bullet Tick Course certificate of completion or enrollment document

Bullet Tick Email from your employer or education provider stating your employment or course enrollment

Bullet Tick Notice of business registration


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