Nutritional Powerhouse of the Future – Insect based proteins

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GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Insect-based proteins are being touted as the trending food of 2018 and beyond. And rightly so.

We can see your face cringing slightly already as you imagine chomping into a juicy witchetty grub as its guts ooze from the corners of your mouth or biting the head off a live grasshopper. HAHA! We knew it!


If you are put off by the thought of eating bugs (Entomophagy) because of the pre-described gag-inducing visions in your mind, then fear not. Most insect proteins coming onto the market are dried and powdered and don’t even resemble an insect they resemble flour making them a highly versatile addition to your diet. .

Some science

Cricket Powder, also known as cricket flour, provides up to 69% protein! (That equates to about 2.9g protein in a single teaspoon!)  and have all the 9 essential amino acids our body doesn’t produce making it the a ‘complete protein’ source for optimal health and post work-out ‘recovery’

Crickets are also good for your gut health (prebiotic fiber) and a single tablespoon has more than 100% of your Vitamin B12 RDI, a source of haem iron (commonly found in red meat) balanced Omegas, Calcium and Potassium. Additionally, Glucosamine is a major constituent of chitinous exoskeletons of arthropods, and great for our joint health.

You can be Strong and Sustainable

As a bonus to your new-found lifehack you will benefit from deep and self-righteous sleep knowing that you are choosing a protein source that is better for the planet!

Joking aside…. the figures are astonishing!

Crickets require less food, water, land and feed than any other traditional animal protein sources such as cattle, chicken and pork.


  Water (in litres) and feed (in grams) required to produce 1Kg of each

Ironically touted as a “Future Food”, humans have been consuming insects since time immemorial. Indeed over 2 Billion people already incorporate insects into their diets! Only now are western societies waking up to sustainable benefits insect-based protein sources. As acceptance grows, it truly promises to be the nutritional powerhouse of the future.

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