Exhibitor: HF Industries

Stand P17

Sandbells allows an active, strength training program with greater safety than swinging a dumbbell or Kettle bell. Its momentum in the industry since last years Filex has been enormous

Contact Details

02 95216700

Address: 30 Alexander Ave

Suburb: Taren Point

State: N.S.W.

Country: Australia

Postcode: 2229

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A1 & A2 Allegro Reformers

See why everyone wants Balanced Body Pilates Reformers in their location. The A1 & A2 Allegro Reformers in group exercise class are showing why Pilates is so popular

Boga Boards

All the movements we have done on land can now be done in the pool or on water we less stability, requiring more control and having more fun, Boga Fit Mat and Boga Yoga boards


Alpha Strong Indoors or Outdoors Alpha Strong has become the personal trainers preferred toys of the trade, Be it the Sandball or Coach, clients like the workout.


Activ Motion bar is a straight weighted bar with a difference to have to feel to experience and as soon as you do, you know this product is going to make a difference

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