Rachel Dillon – Supplements to Speed Up your Summer Body!

Rachel Dillon is an upcoming superstar who is ready to shake the fitness industry! Already crowned as a WBFF Pro, Rachel is completely dedicated to all year round health and fitness to maintain her award winning physique and hopes to inspire her community to do the same in the lead up to Summer.
We sat down with Rachel to ask her what supplements she absolutely can’t live without, and why, and how she maintains such an amazing body all year round.
“Don’t get me wrong”, Rachel says, ”I love my food you need to indulge from time to time to stay sane but throughout the year, I like to maintain my physique by eating nutritious food and training hard. I bet you’re thinking that’s a given for anyone in the fitness industry, right?

But, what everyone might not know, is that the real secret to getting award winning results and an amazing beach body, has got to be incorporating a range of high quality supplements into your routine. I can’t stress how important it is especially with Summer just around the corner.

And I’m not just talking about protein. To not only see results, but to really feel the results both intra and post workout, I highly recommend taking my 5 favourite EHPlabs supplements to speed up your results in time for Summer:

1. OxyShred –
Oxyshred is my favourite thermogenic on the market!! I have tried many fat burners but have always been disappointed, as they would either leave me with a massive crash, contain hidden, unsafe ingredients or didn’t taste very nice.
Oxyshred however, provides clean energy with absolutely no crash, includes immunity and mood boosting ingredients and has a wide range of amazing 100% natural flavours!
I love its use of Wild African Mango, Raspberry Keotones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Grapefruit Extract, as they help boost my metabolism! It does this by increasing your core temperature forcing your metabolic rate to increase meaning you are going to burn even more energy. Plus by using Lcarnitine, Oxyshred ensures that your stubborn fat cells are used as energy, and drives the fatty acids into your bloodstream where they will be burned off throughout the day.
Now you can understand why I love this product throughout the year especially in the lead up to Summer.

2. OxyWhey –
I love the taste, the consistency and the quality in OxyWhey protein powder.
Not only does it taste great with water or milk, but it is also has amazing fat burning properties with Grapefruit Seed Extract, MCT Oils and added benefits of BCAAs. Plus, OxyWhey has virtually no carbs, sugars, cholesterol or lactose, but still has 24 grams of protein.
I use this in my smoothies and is great to make healthy treats with for either postworkout, or as a delicious snack throughout the day. The EHPlabs website and instagram page has some amazing recipes and inspiration!

3. Beyond BCAA –
Beyond BCAA’s are in my top supplements because they allow me to push harder for longer during my training sessions. The amino acids deliver nutrients to my muscles to prevent muscle breakdown and ensure that I am fuelled properly, and give 100% in all of my sessions. My favourite flavour is Passionfruit!

4. LGlutamine
– Glutamine is a MUST for anyone who trains! LGlutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. It plays a HUGE role in recovery making sure your body drives the proteins needed back into your muscle cells for optimal recovery. It also plays a big role in immune function. Without supplementing LGlutamine, your body can take days to replenish levels naturally leaving you feel flat and drained. I take a serving with my shake post workout, one before I go to bed and another upon rising for fastest recovery!

5. ALC –
Acetyl LCarnitine helps me to burn unwanted fat stores and increases focus during my training sessions! This supplement is a must if you are wanting to slim down in time for Summer.
I guarantee with hard work and dedication, the addition of supplement use will speed up your results like never before, and you will absolutely love the results and your new body.
To see results in time, I would strongly recommend giving your fitness journey a Big kickstart right now. Do yourself a favour and try out some of these delicious supplements you
have nothing to lose, except your winter coat!”

Rachel Dillon is an ambassador of EHPlabs, and will be available for further fitness and health advice, giveaways, competitions and photos, at the EHPlabs booth F10 during the Perth Health and Fitness Expo, on 20th and 21st of August 2016.
Rachel will also be available for an online Q&A session on the Fitness and Health Expo Facebook page, and will take part in the Fitness Model Super Session in the Gym Arena. To find out more about the expo, visit the Health & Fitness Expo.

To find out more about EHPlabs products, please visit www.ehplabs.com, or connect on Social Media @ehplabs_ausnz.

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