Smart Girls Lift Heavy by Danielle Appi

Smart Girls Lift Heavy by Danielle Appi

I’m not going to lift heavy weights, I don’t want to look like a body builder!
What if I told you that it’s physically, next to impossible, for you to get ‘bigger’ by doing resistance training?
Need a little more convincing though?

Here are some compelling reasons to get lifting girls:

Weight loss
More and more evidence supports the theory that the benefits of weight training last long after the actual work out finishes. As your metabolism is stimulated to repair and grow lean muscle your energy levels stay elevated for up to a few hours after you put those dumbbells down. More energy = more calories burnt = more weight lost!
Reduced risk of injury and back pain
Weight training builds stronger core muscles, stronger connective tissues between muscles and more stable joints. All this equates to much less risk of injury to traditionally high risk muscle groups like the lower back, shoulders and knees.
We have all seen the impact that muscle degeneration can have – tuck shop arms anyone? The maintenance of muscle strength and mass is imperative in our war against gravity and muscle degeneration. The combination of regular weight training and correct nutrition is vital in this battle.
Decreased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease & diabetes
Weight training has shown to have a positive impact on many common lifestyle illnesses. Lifting heavy weights can increase spinal bone mineral density by 13 percent in six months. It can lower blood pressure, increase good Cholesterol levels and decrease bad Cholesterol levels. And research indicates that it can assist in preventing the onset of, and reversing the effects of existing diabetes.
Sleep like a Babe
A lack of sleep can actually hinder your weight loss attempts. Increased demands to your body with the addition of weights naturally lead to a more sound sleep in many cases. Many inhibitors of sleep; depression, anxiety, pain, elevated stress and cortisol levels, can be alleviated through a good, heavy weight lifting session.
Improved Self Esteem
Trust me, nothing beats the feeling of being strong and capable. Studies indicate that weight training can improve your self-image, energy levels, your confidence and your self-esteem. As you become stronger you become far less dependent upon others. Daily chores are easier, lifting groceries, laundry, chasing the kids around. No wonder our self-esteem gets a boost!

So there you have it Ladies. More confidence, independence and energy coupled with feeling stronger, healthier and younger are surely all the reasons you need to get into the gym and picking up those dumbbells.
And it doesn’t have to be a daily activity. Combine 2-3 full body resistance sessions of 30-60 minutes a week, with your chosen cardio/sports on alternate days and you will be on the right track. Choose functional exercises that combine multiple muscle groups and mimic the activities you do on a daily basis like squat, lift, step, and pull.
As always, if you are unsure, hire a professional for guidance and get yourself a program for a longer, healthier and stronger life.
Get lifting!

Danielle Appi
Danielle Appi was the 2014 Oxygen Cover Girl Competition winner and is a current Oxygen ambassador. She is a wife and mother of two tween girls who challenge her daily! Danielle runs her own boot camp business, is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach. She has come into her health and fitness career at a more ‘mature’ time in her life, she says, so she understands the difficulties faced with balancing kids, home, partners, work and YOU time. Danielle is most passionate about helping other women understand their own worth and true value.
You can find her at or on Facebook:

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