Christian Guzman

Texas, US

Christian Guzman has been in love with fitness since he was 14. As Christian grew older and graduated high school his focus shifted more towards bodybuilding specifically. By the time Christian was in college he was completely obsessed – watching all the videos he could and reading anything and everything from articles to magazines.

In Christian’s second year of college, he began recording himself and posting videos on YouTube. Things evolved with time and the videos started shaping into what you see on his channel today (vlogging with more of a personal energy to them).  Over the last 5 years, Christian has expanded into the business world with Alphalete & The Alphalete Gym.  Christian’s entrepreneurial mind set and experiences have helped shape him into the leader he is today.


Be sure to come by Nutrition System’s booth to meet Christian during the Fitness Show April 12 -14.

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