Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall

Sydney, New South Wales

Tiffiny Hall is an expert trainer, television personality and founder of popular fitness program TIFFXO.

As well as having a Diploma of Sport Coaching she also holds a 6th dan black belt, making her one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world.

Tiffiny’s career in the health and fitness industry spans over 15 years, and saw her shoot to fame as an expert trainer on hit television show ‘The Biggest Loser’and more recently delivered a TEDx talk.

Tiff is passionate about health education, having written nine health books and cookbooks and young adult novels. Recently, Tiff has worked with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, to create Centr. the new Fitness App with a personalised workout and meal plan. 

One thing is certain: Tiffiny Hall is a force to be reckoned with.

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