Sugar is Poison by Rachel Dillon

Sugar is Poison by Rachel Dillon
If you were to ask yourself what were the three main substances you were told to stay away from as a child, I can guarantee most of you would say alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. I remember having health education classes on the elite dangerousness of these substances and the threatening harm they could cause
But what about sugar?
Most of you are probably scratching your head as to what I’m talking about when I ask that question, and thinking to yourselves “Is she talking about the sugar I think she’s talking about?” “Is there a different type of sugar I don’t know about?” “I thought sugar was a treat; mum and dad always gave us treats if we were good, surely there’s no harm in that?”– And this is where the problem starts – misconception.
Think back to every occasion you ever celebrated as a child. Birthday’s, Christmas’s, Easter’s, etc. ALL (if not, then majority) would have been celebrated with food – food containing SUGAR. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s not forget about the cereal we are eating / feeding our families every morning; or the juice boxes we take for lunch; or the banana cake we buy for afternoon tea; or the white bread sandwiches; or the 99% fat free yoghurt that has at least a tablespoon of sugar per serve. EVERY. SINLGE. ONE of these foods contains sugar as a MAIN INGREDIENT. Sorry, let me rephrase that. EVERY. SINLGE. ONE of these foods contains poison as a MAIN INGREDIENT.
This is not our fault, or our parent’s fault. It is simply lack of knowledge. There is no education on the dangerous physical and mental effects sugar has on the body. SO I SAY IT’S TIME TO EDUCATE!
On an average worldwide scale, each person consumes about 500 extra calories a day from sugar. Sugar has a direct link to the increase in adult and childhood obesity. Further life threatening disease attributed to by sugar are diabetes, cancer and heart failure.
Even worse – if you’ve ever been personally familiar with, or know someone with the “it doesn’t matter what I do I can’t lose weight” problem; this is most likely also a result of too much sugar! Why – because excess sugar consumption creates leptin and insulin resistance.
Leptin is the hormone that tells us when we’re full; and insulin is the hormone which regulates the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. If our leptin hormone fails, we no longer feel full, and can easily overeat resulting in a much higher calorie consumption than necessary. If our insulin hormone fails, the body can no longer regulate its own blood sugar levels or correctly dispose of sugar, which leads to additional fat storage (especially around the tummy area).
Sugar is a serious and dangerous problem. It is addictive and in almost EVERYTHING. It can be your own worst nightmare especially if you aren’t made aware of its damaging effect. I’m not saying to never consume sugar. But PLEASE, take what I’m saying on board and be aware of just how much sugar you may be consuming!!!
Rachel Dillon
Rachel is a wellness nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor in Business Marketing and Management, plus she has a Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Personal Training and Fitness. She holds the World Champion title for the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bikini Diva, and runs her own personal training business: Bodies By Rachel You can follow her on Instagram @racheldillonwbffpro, Facebook: Bodies by Rachel and Snapchat: bodiesbyrachel

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