Weightlifting Competition Preparation Tips

Are you considering competing in a weightlifting competition? 
The Australian Weightlifting Federation have provided us with some tips to get you all started and ready for:
•        Find an accredited coach
•        Train at a club which has good equipment and a few experienced lifters
•        Frequency of training should be a minimum of 3-sessions per week
•        Follow a training program commensurate to ability which has built in recovery elements
•        Seek out nutritional advice from a qualified person
•        Follow sound warm-up and cool-down methods
•        Set performance goals
•        Train for a period of (3-6 months) to develop sound technique before entering a competition
•        Do NOT be trying to lose or gain significant amounts of weight to achieve desired weight category
•        A home club competition is recommended initially
•        Select appropriate competition weights, which have already been registered in training this also may include small increases in attempts of 1-3 kg and appropriate final attempts in Snatch & Clean/Jerk should be equal to training personal bests
•        Aiming for 6/6 lifts on competition day will build confidence for future competitions
•        Perform a mock/practice competition to achieve familiarity a week before the planned event

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