What body type are you?

Determining which body type you fit into will have a huge impact on how your body responds to nutrition and exercise.

Australian Wholesale Health Products shares with us the descriptions of the three main body types, and how to make the most from your nutrition and training. There are three main body types, but you may fit into a combination of two body types.


Small joints
Skinny appearance
Fast metabolism
Can eat whatever they want
Get full easily
Small chest and buttocks
Difficulty building muscle
Difficulty gaining weight
Low body fat
Narrow frame (“pencil frame”)

Examples of male ectomorphs include:
Neil Patrick Harris
Adam Levine
Jake Gyllenhaal
Chris Rock
Edward Norton

Examples of female ectomorphs include:
Kendall Jenner
Kiera Knightley
Cameron Diaz
Nicole Kidman
Gisele Bunchen
Training Routine – Lift heavier weight, lower reps, minimal cardio.
Nutrition – Eat higher amounts of carbs, increase protein, high density foods, can enjoy eating unhealthy foods in moderation.


Symmetrical build
Wide shoulders
Small waist
Low body fat
Large musculature
Seems to put on muscle easily
Seems to burn fat easily
Eats in moderation

Examples of male mesomorphs include:
Hugh Jackman
Sylvester Stallone
George Clooney
Bruce Willis
Mark Wahlberg

Examples of female mesomorphs include:
Jennifer Garner
Tina Turner
Halle Berry
Jessica Alba
Anna Kournikova

Training Routine – Medium-heavy weight, medium reps, balance with cardio (HIIT). Change training/program up every 6 or so weeks.
Nutrition – Track Macros (or Meal Plan), Eat whole grains, good fats, vegetables, fruit, processed foods in moderation, regular small meals. Mesomorphs respond well to nutrition change.


Large amount of fat accumulation
Slow metabolism
Often fatigue easily
Insatiable appetite
Try various diet and exercise programs to failure
Cannot seem to drop weight
Eat larger meals or several smaller sized meals
Low muscle definition due to adipose tissue
Larger frame

Examples of male endomorphs include:
Mike Tyson
John Goodman
Luther Vandross
Jack Black
Wayne Knight

Examples of female endomorphs include:
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian
Oprah Winfrey
Beyonce Knowles

Training Routine – Medium weight, high reps, regular cardio (HIIT)
Nutrition – Track macros closely, avoid alcohol as much as possible, increase vegetables and water, small amounts of fruit, small-medium amounts of carbs, whole grains, stay away from processed foods, everything in moderation (don’t cut), regular small meals

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