Will weights make you bulky? by Rachel Dillon

How often do you here girls say “I don’t do weights they will make me bulky” and then choose to run for miles on the treadmill? This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I know this first hand because I use to be a cardio addict and thought exactly this. However the only thing that will make you big is crappy food, not weights!
One of the key reasons you may be resistant to losing weight/fat is that you are not lifting weights. Our genetic make-up was made to lift things. Look back to the cave man days men were hunters, women were constantly carrying kids, collecting water, firewood etc. We were made to lift things up!
Today you see so many women do exactly not that! Instead you see them running for miles on a treadmill at an intense-moderate pace. We were not made to run those sort of distances in fact when we do our body sends off stress hormones such as cortisol which in turn can result in you gaining weight. We are disconnected to what our genes are expecting us to do.
For all you cardio addicts running miles what you are actually doing is creating more catabolic stress hormones in your body and resulting in your body choosing to break down muscle for energy instead of fat. Most runners will usually end up with injuries from overuse. However for some people running is an enjoyable hobby, a way to clear their heads or something they just have a passion for. If so continue running! However if you are looking to lose fat and maximize lean muscle development this is not the KEY.
Lifting weights has so many benefits but most importantly will improve your insulin and leptin sensitivity equating in you having full control of your body. Should you lift heavy? YES!! Will you get bulky? NO! This is the biggest misconception out there! Lifting weights will give you lean muscle mass! Muscle actually takes up less space, the more muscle you build and the leaner you get=the smaller and tighter you become!
Lift weights and train HIIT cardio style! Your body will love you for it.
Rachel Dillon
Rachel is a wellness nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor in Business Marketing and Management, plus she has a Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Personal Training and Fitness. She holds the World Champion title for the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bikini Diva, and runs her own personal training business: Bodies By Rachel www.bodiesbyrachel.com.au.
You can follow her on Instagram @racheldillonwbffpro, Facebook: Bodies by Rachel and Snapchat: bodiesbyrachel

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